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The following types of telephones are available for guests, meeting and convention service and administrative staff. Please advise your Catering/Event Manager if you need the use of a phone for your program.

Internet Access

Devices - The set-up fee is CNY 200 for the one computer and you can contact your event manager for Internet Access package

Guest Room Calls

Direct Dialed-Bill-to-the-Room

Room-to-Room:  No Charge
Local : ¥0.22 / first 3 minutes ¥0.11 / addtional
Domestic Long Distance (China Mainland):
¥0.07 / 6 seconds
Domestic Long Distance(Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan):
¥0.20 / 6 seconds
¥0.80 / 6 seconds
800 Toll Free:
No Charge

All above prices are in RMB and subject to 15% surcharge.
Calls Billed to Calling Cards, Credit Cards, Collect and Third Party, etc.
¥1.00 per call net

Local long distance or international calls will be billed to your account only if the called party answers.

Please call MAGIC for any inquiry.

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